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Category: Rockscapes and Yard Ornaments

We design and install custom rockscapes, which are custom built to suit your individual tastes and layout of your yard. Our custom rockscapes are multi-functional can add separation to your yard, such as driveway/lawn border, they will enhance with overall appeal of your yard, while reducing lawn maintenance. Solutions for both backyard and front yards. Rockscapes can be built from native rock material, such as river rock or non-native rocks.

Tired of constant lawn edging and pruning? We can install a custom landscape border, which will enhance the look of your yard while reducing your yard maintenance. Borders will add separation between areas of your yard, including driveway/lawn, lawn/flowerbeds and walkway/lawn. We offer timber, stone or concrete border solutions.

We also design and install custom ornamental solutions, such as landscape ponds, rock fountains, rock gardens and tranquility areas.


On this country estate we combined a re-engineered perimeter drainage solution with a custom front yard rockscape.
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Banksavers was asked to provide a landscape solution for the side yard of a commercial building in the Arlington area, where we installed a custom rockscape with bark mulch and installation of small shrubs and trees.
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