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Sound Salmon Solutions

Sound Salmon Solutions (formerly Stilly-Snohomish Fisheries Enhancement Task Force) is a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit corporation, registered as a charitable organization with the Washington Secretary of State. Sound Salmon Solutions' mission is to ensure the future of salmon in the Stillaguamish, Snohomish and Island County watersheds.


Forterra is the largest conservation and community building organization in the Northwest. Forterra's mission is to act with immediacy to protect, enhance and steward our region's most precious resources - its communities and its landscapes. Filling a unique niche as the largest conservation and community building organization in Washington State, we are working to build the foundations for our sustainable environmental and economic futures in the face of a rapidly growing population.

Western Forestry and Conservation Association

The mission of Western Forestry and Conservation Association is to promote forest stewardship in western North America. The association was founded in 1909 and member companies and organizations are located in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alberta. WFCA provides high quality professional continuing education for natural resource managers in the western United States.

Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

The Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group is dedicated to restoring self-sustaining populations of salmon and steelhead. Mid-Columbia Fisheries works with landowners and community partners to protect and restore fish habitat. Mid-Columbia Fisheries is a non-profit, community based group. The Mid-Columbia region includes the Yakima Basin, the Klickitat, White Salmon, and Wind Rivers, and numerous smaller tributaries in Skamania, Klickitat, Benton, Yakima, Kittitas and Franklin Counties.

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC) is a support service organization for 20 treaty Indian tribes in western Washington. Headquartered in Olympia, the NWIFC employs approximately 65 people with satellite offices in Mount Vernon and Forks. The NWIFC was created following the U.S. v. Washington ruling (Boldt Decision) that re-affirmed the tribes' treaty-reserved fishing rights and established them as natural resources co-managers with the State of Washington.

Snohomish Conservation District

Snohomish Conservation District is a political sub-division of state government that has been working with farmers and landowners since 1941. District boundaries include Camano Island (added in 1961) and most of Snohomish County. Snohomish Conservation District's mission is to work cooperatively with others to promote and encourage conservation and responsible use of natural resources.

Samish Indian Nation

The Samish Indian Nation is the successor to the large and powerful Samish Nation, a signatory to the Treaty of Point Elliott in 1855. The Tribes traditional territory stretches over a wide seven-county region of Northwest Washington. Our history instructs us as to proper relationship to the land and its resources by teaching us the lessons left for us by our ancestors about both the natural and spiritual worlds and how those worlds cannot be separated.

Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group

The Skagit Fisheries Enhancement (SFEG) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1990 to engage communities in habitat restoration and watershed stewardship in order to enhance salmon populations. As a non-governmental organization, we have unique cooperative relationships with local landowners, conservation groups, government agencies and tribes.

Skagit Conservation District

The Skagit Conservation District has a proven track record for putting conservation on the ground and involving volunteers in watershed education, monitoring and restoration projects. The SCD's programs reduce soil erosion and prevent sediment build-up, help dairies achieve nutrient management standards, increase and improve wildlife habitat on private land, establish riparian enhancement projects, target shellfish protection by correcting nonpoint pollution, and educate local citizens about our watersheds.

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