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General yard maintenance solutions

We offer a full package of yard maintenance services, including lawn mowing, trimming, edging, hedge and tree pruning as well as yard debris removal services and seasonal leaf removal.

Our maintenance packages are perfect for busy professionals, seniors, absentee homeowners and business owners in addition to homeowners with larger properties and estates. Our packages are customized to your individual needs.

Our maintenance packages are available on a one-time or recurring basis. Recurring customers can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services and rest assured that their yards will be well maintained automatically while at work or on vacation.

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Grass seeding / sod delivery and installation

We offer full service lawn installation including grass seeding as well as sod delivery and installation services for both residential and commercial applications. We can help you choose the grass species that will be best suited to your individual yard and lifestyle.

Our lawn seeding service, usually best done during the spring months, is a good choice for budget-minded customers, which includes full soil preparation, fertilization and seeding. - Just add water -

Our sod service is a good choice for customers looking for a lush, green lawn without the need of waiting weeks for it to take seed. Most small to medium-sized applications can be completed in 1-2 days. Our service includes selection of a sod species that will best suit your needs, delivery and installation and is available year-round.

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Curbside and yard landscaping solutions

We offer a wide range of landscaping services to fit your every need, including;
  • Lot clearing including removal of trees, weeds and undesired vegetation
  • Tree, shrub and plant delivery and installation
  • Bark mulch, gravel, weed barrier delivery and installation
  • Custom irrigation installation (underground sprinkler systems)
  • Drainage solutions (drainrock/tile installation, big-o drainage, drainage ditches)
  • Lawn seeding and sode delivery and installation
  • Rockscapes and yard ornaments installed
  • Custom walkways, sidewalks and pathways installed

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Custom rockscapes, landscape borders and custom landscape ornamental solutions

We design and install custom rockscapes, which are custom built to suit your individual tastes and layout of your yard. Our custom rockscapes are multi-functional can add separation to your yard, such as driveway/lawn border, they will enhance with overall appeal of your yard, while reducing lawn maintenance. Solutions for both backyard and front yards. Rockscapes can be built from native rock material, such as river rock or non-native rocks.

Tired of constant lawn edging and pruning? We can install a custom landscape border, which will enhance the look of your yard while reducing your yard maintenance. Borders will add separation between areas of your yard, including driveway/lawn, lawn/flowerbeds and walkway/lawn. We offer timber, stone or concrete border solutions.

We also design and install custom ornamental solutions, such as landscape ponds, rock fountains, rock gardens and tranquility areas.

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Custom landscape construction

We offer a full line of residential and commercial landscape construction services including;
  • Custom walkways, sidewalks and pathways, including concrete, rock, gravel and paving stone
  • Retaining wall construction and repair, including wood, concrete and stone
  • Custom deck construction, including front or back yard decks, patios and verandas
  • Custom trellis and gazebo construction
  • Custom wood awnings and carport construction
  • Outbuilding and utility shed construction
  • Stone, timber and concrete flower and shrub containers constructed

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Custom fencing solutions

We offer complete fence design, construction and fence removal services including;
  • Backyard wood fences, suitable for privacy, pet containment and roadway noise barrier
  • Livestock farm fencing, solutions for pets, cattle, sheep, horses and other larger livestock
  • Ornamental wood fencing solutions, such a cedar split-rail fences
  • Repair and removal of backyard, farm and ornamental fences
  • We will design a solution for you to build to your specifications
  • Complete pre-fencing site preparation and clearing services available

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