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Species: Sweet Gale

Scientific Name: Myrica Gale

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: Sweet Gale, also commonly known as Myrica Gale is a medium sized shrub, generally reaching heights of 3 feet, although heights of up to 6 feet is possible in the right conditions. It is native to Northern North America, from Alaska to most Canadian provinces as well as Washington State and Oregon. Additionally, it can be found in some far eastern states, although not as abundant and is considered endangered in some states including Oregon and North Carolina. In the wild, the species grows well naturally in acidic peat bog, having developed a natural way of adapting to nitrogen poor soil by having roots that create nitrogen-fixing actinobacteria. It is also found commonly in intertidal areas especially those having logs present and the species is a favorite food of local beavers in these areas. It is deciduous in nature, sprouting green, tear-drop shaped leaves in the spring, Leaves are alternately arranged along the branches, which develop light green to brownish green flowers in the late spring which yield a dry nut fruit later in the season. The leaves emit a resinous scent which acts as a natural insect repellant.

Site Conditions: Sweet Gale is adaptable to different soil types. It prefers moist soil and is tolerant to wet soil and seasonal flooding. It prefers full sun exposure and is tolerant of partial shade as well as full shade conditions, providing the soil conditions are right.

Stock: This species is in stock and available for pickup at our Arlington, WA location or available for delivery

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