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Species: Sitka Willow

Scientific Name: Salix Sitchensis

Classification: Deciduous Tree



Description: The Sitka Willow, also commonly known as the silky willow or satin willow is a medium sized deciduous tree, reaching a height of 25-30 feet when mature. It is native to Western North America including Alaska, British Columbia, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Oregon as well as Northern California. It prefers damp soils and is commonly found in wetland habitat, including river and creek beds, marshes and swamps and coastal sand dunes. Its appearance can vary from a bushy shrub to a tall erect tree, depending on its growing conditions. Its leaves are typically 1-3 inches in length, egg-shaped in design, which yield male and female catkins in the spring months, with the female catkins sprouting into a willowy flow in the late spring. In the wild, the species is found near lake shores, borders to wetland areas, clearings and forest borders.

Site Conditions: The Sitka Willow is adaptable to different soil types, but it prefers heavy soils. It prefers damp soil but is adaptable to moist soil. It prefers full sun exposure, but can adapt to partial shade conditions.

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