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Species: Shore Pine

Scientific Name: Pinus Contorta

Classification: Coniferous Evergreen Tree



Description: The Shore Pine, also commonly known as the Beach Pine or Lodgepole Pine is a distinct looking species most commonly found along the Pacific Ocean belt from Northern California to Alaska. It is widely used for landscaping due to its hardiness and adaptability as it tolerates a wide range of soil conditions and unlike many other breeds of evergreen trees, can withstand wind and ocean spray with ease. The species will reach a height of 40-50 feet, with a broad, irregular but mostly round shape. Its irregular shape makes it a good choice for landscaping as no 2 trees are alike in appearance. The needles are 1-3" in length, often with a somewhat twisted appearance. Male flowers are yellow with cyclindrical clusters, while female flowers are reddish purple and bud at the tips of the branches, which yield prickly egg-shaped cones 1-2" in length. Some cones will release seeds shortly after maturing, while others may remain dormant for years. The pine nuts often attract wildlife such as squirrels and songbirds. In the wild, the species is often found along the ocean belt of the West Coast. This species does not prune well so is usually used as a windbreak or unpruned hedge.

Site Conditions: The Shore Pine is very adaptable to different soil conditions, tolerating wind and ocean spray with ease. It can grow in moist to dry soil and while preferring full sun exposure, can tolerate partial shade conditions but not full shade.

Stock: This species is in stock and available for pickup at our Arlington, WA location or available for delivery

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