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Species: Serviceberry

Scientific Name: Amelanchier Alnifolia

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: This sub-species of serviceberry, also widely known as the Saskatoon Berry is a slow growing shrub sometimes reaching heights in upwards of 20 feet but more commonly reaching heights of 10 feet or less. It is native to most of Canada, commonly found across most of the western to central-eastern provinces as well as Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories and most of the western to central states from Washington State to Michigan. Some Serviceberry species can also be found in Europe and parts of Asia. The Serviceberry is an attractive looking shrub that yields edible berries in the summer months. It is decorated with white clustered flowers in the spring. The species is hardy and can tolerate a wide range of climates, although it usually doesn’t prosper in hot climates such as the southern United States as it prefers moist soils. In the wild, the Serviceberry is found in a wide range of natural habitats, from swampy wetlands to rocky ridges, forest edges and open fields.

Site Conditions: The Serviceberry prefers well drained soils with a sandy or clay texture, but it is adaptable to other solid types as well. It prefers moist soil, but adaptable to drier conditions. It is known to have some drought tolerance, once established. It prefers full sun exposure, but is adaptable to partial shade or full shade conditions.

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