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Species: Red Huckleberry

Scientific Name: Vaccinium Parvifolium

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: The Red Huckleberry, also commonly known as the Red Whortleberry, is a medium-sized erect shrub that can reach heights up to 12 feet at maturity. It is native to the West Coast of North America, including Alaska, British Columbia, Washington State, Idaho, Oregon and Northern California. In the spring, the bright green oval-shaped leaves form, with blooms forming shortly after. In the late spring to early summer, vibrant pink to red flowers emerge, which yield bright red edible berries in the summer. The species prefers loamy, acidic soil with decayed organic matter mixed in, but it can adapt to different soil types. It prefers partial to full shade conditions. In the wild, the Red Huckleberry can commonly be found in the understories of Fir, Hemlock, Redwood and Western Hardwood dominated forests, growing on rotting logs, decaying stumps, as well as on the ground.

Site Conditions: The Red Huckleberry prefers rich, humus type soils, preferably with decaying organic matter mixed in but is can adapt to different types once established. It prefers moist soil that is well drained. It prefers full shade exposure but is tolerant to partial shade conditions.

Stock: This species is in stock and available for pickup at our Arlington, WA location or available for delivery

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