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Species: Red Elderberry

Scientific Name: Sambucus Racemosa

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: The Red Elderberry is a large-sized shrub, which can reach heights of 7-20 feet at maturity. It is native to North America, including Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, as well as Washington State, Oregon, California, New Mexico, North Carolina, Maine, Missouri and Georgia. In some areas, the sub-species, the Rocky Mountain Red Elderberry is dominant or co-existing with the common species. The species is known to grown in the form of tall trees, shrubs or thickets, depending on growing conditions and location. Pruning can help the species appearance and growth. In the spring, the medium-sized green oval leaves form, with blooms that follow in the fall that form showy, white clustered flowers. In the late summer, clustered red, mildly-toxic fruit form. Occasionally, the fruit is white or yellow in color, while the color of the Rocky Mountain Red Elderberry is often purple to black in color. The species grows naturally in forested communities, primarily conifer forests or in stands of Red Alder trees. Naturally preferring full sun exposure, it is also tolerant of partial sun conditions and prefers moist, well-drained soil, although it can adapt to different soil conditions.

Site Conditions: The Red Elderberry is adaptable to a range of soil types. It prefers moist soils that are well drained, but tolerant of drier and wetter soil. It prefers full sun exposure, but can tolerate partial shade and some full shade conditions.

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