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Species: Quaking Aspen

Scientific Name: Populus Tremuloides

Classification: Deciduous Tree



Description: The Quaking Aspen, also known as the American Aspen and White Poplar is an attractive, medium sized tree, reaching heights of up to 40 feet or more. It is one of the most widely distributed species in North America, found from Alaska, British Columbia and Washington State to Quebec, Newfoundland and Northwest Territories and south to Virginia. The species is very adaptable to different soil types and conditions, with the exception of areas of standing water and drought. The species has a slender trunk, with smooth, thin bark which is often white in color. The bark darkens with age and can break into plates with damage. Leaves are alternating along the branches and oval shaped, developing catkins and flowers in the spring months which ripen during the summer months. In the wild, the species can often be found in disturbed sites, such as clearcuts and areas bordering steams, rivers and other wetlands.

Site Conditions: The Quaking Aspen is adaptable to different types of soil, but prefers sandy soils and loamy soil. It prefers wet soil but can tolerate moist soil conditions. It requires full sun exposure as it is not tolerant to shade.

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