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Species: Pacific Willow

Scientific Name: Salix Lasiandra

Classification: Deciduous Tree



Description: The Pacific Willow, also commonly known as the yellow willow and black willow is one of the tallest of the willow species, often achieving a mature height of 20-60 feet. It is native to Western North America including British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, California, and New Mexico. It is most commonly found nearby to rivers and creeks, where its strong root structure is particularly useful in reinforcing embankments of streams and rivers. Its branches bear glossy green leaves which grow in alternating patterns, and are narrow and somewhat elliptical in shape and 3-6 inches in length. Catkins appear in the spring, which yield flowers which appear at the end if the leafy twigs. In the wild, the species is commonly found along stream and river banks as well as floodplains and wetland borders.

Site Conditions: The Pacific Willow is tolerant of most different types of soil types, but prefers heavy soils. It prefers drier soil but is adaptable to moist soils as well. It prefers full sun exposure, but can tolerate some partial shade conditions.

Stock: This species is in stock and available for pickup at our Arlington, WA location or available for delivery

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