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Species: Indian Plum

Scientific Name: Oemlaria Cerasiformis

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: The Indian Plum, also known as the Oregon Plum is a deciduous shrub which can attain a height of 10-15 feet when mature. It is native to the Pacific Northwest, including far southwestern British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, as well as sections of Northern California. It is best known for its white blossoms which emerge in the late winter to early spring. Its small, light green and slender, oval-shaped leaves are usually well hidden by the flowers in the spring months. The species develops into separate male and female plants, with the female of the species bearing fruit in the late summer months that ranges in color from yellow to purple and are a staple of local birds and other wildlife. For landscaping uses, if fruit is desired, both male and female shrubs will need to be planted near to one another. The species is tolerant of different soil types from moist riverbanks to dry wooded sites, however it excels in moist, rich soils.

Site Conditions: The Indian Plum is adaptable to a range of soil types but prefers rich humus soils. It prefers moist soil, that is well drained but is adaptable to drier soil as well as wet soil, but not saturated areas. It prefers partial shade areas, but it is adaptable to full sun conditions if the soil conditions are right.

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