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Species: Golden Currant

Scientific Name: Ribes Aureum

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: Golden Currant, also commonly known as Buffalo Currant is a medium-sized shrub ranging from 3-10 feet in height when mature. It is native to Western and Central North America in Canada from British Columbia to Saskatchewan and in the United State from Washington State to Montana and then East to Tennessee, the Great Lakes area and Vermont. The dark green triple lobed eaves turn red in fall. In spring, the species sprouts a fragrant golden-yellow flower that emits a clove-like odor, yielding edible fruit which ripens from green to yellow to dark purple in the fall months and are an important source of food for local wildlife. Additionally, the fruit is popular in making jelly and pie and also ice cream. The species is abundantly found in grasslands, coniferous forests and mountainous areas ranging from low to medium elevations. The species prefers full sun exposure, but is partial shade tolerant areas but generally will not tolerate full shade locations.

Site Conditions: The Golden Currant is adaptable to a range of soil types. It prefers moist soil but is tolerant of drier soil. The species prefers full sun exposure, can tolerate limited partial shade conditions, but will not tolerate full shade locations.

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