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Species: Garry Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus Garryana

Classification: Deciduous Tree



Description: The Garry Oak, also commonly known as Oregon White Oak, is an attractive medium sized tree, which can reach heights of 60 feet or more. It is native to the West coast of North America, from South-West British Columbia below the 50th parallel, south to Washington State, Oregon, and Northern California. The species is known for its wide, sprawling and irregular shape. Bark is thick and greyish black in appearance. Branches bear bright green glossy lobed leaves, which turn brown in the falls months. The species bears small cupped acorns in the spring.

Site Conditions: The Garry Oak is adaptable to a wide range of soil types including heavy clays, and areas of sedimentry rock content. It prefers moist soil and tolerant of wet areas. It prefers full sun exposure but is tolerant of partial shade conditions.

Stock: This species is in stock and available for pickup at our Arlington, WA location or available for delivery

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