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Species: Douglas Fir

Scientific Name: Pseudotsuga Menziesii

Classification: Coniferous Evergreen Tree



Description: The Douglas Fir, also commonly known as the Alpine Hemlock, Black Fir and Oregon Fir is a medium sized species which reach up to 250 feet in height. It is native to Western Canada and the United States, including British Columbia, Western Alberta, Alaska, Washington State, Oregon, as well as Northern to Central California. It is distinct in appearance, with dark to bluish green needles, which range from 1 to 1 1/2 inches in length. The branches radiate out with a drooping effect with dark brown pointed buds. The bark is thick and rough in appearance. Cones are up to 3" in length and unlike other species of Firs, do not drop to spread seed, but continue to hang on the trees throughout the fall. It is a hardy species, growing in a wide range to areas, including mountainous areas with high annual snowfalls.

Site Conditions: The Douglas Fir prefers moist, loose rich soils that are well drained but it can adapt to drier soil if well drained. It prefers full sun exposure, but it is adaptable to partial shade. It will not grow in areas with poor drainage or standing water or in soils that are densely compacted.

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