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Species: Black Hawthorn

Scientific Name: Crataegus Douglasii

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: The Black Hawthorn, also commonly known as Douglas Hawthorn is a deciduous shrub that can either take on the form of a medium sized spreading shrub 12-15 feet in height, or in some areas, an upright tree reaching heights of 30 feet. It is native to western North America, from Alaska to British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as some areas of Ontario and Quebec, in addition to many of the Western States and North-Central states including Washington State, Oregon, California, Arizona and Nevada. The leaves are a broad and oval-shaped with tines and are medium green in the spring. White flowers yield to dark, plum-red colored berries which are edible and also provide a staple to local wildlife. Occasionally the species will develop sharp spiny thorns at infrequent intervals. The Black Hawthorne is one of the most abundant species of Hawthorne on the West Coast, second only in some places to the invasive European sub-species the Common Hawthorne. It prefers moist soil at lower elevations and is an excellent choice as an embankment stabilizer due to its strong root system. In the wild, the species is common to the understories of trees.

Site Conditions: The Black Hawthorn is adaptable to a range of soil types, but prefers fine-textured, deep soil. It prefers moist soil conditions and can tolerate slightly drier soil. It prefers full sun exposure but adaptable to partial shade conditions.

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