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Species: Black Gooseberry

Scientific Name: Ribes Divarticatum

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: Black Gooseberry is a deciduous shrub that can range in mature height from 5-8 feet. It is native to the West coast of North America including British Columbia, Washington State, Idaho and Northern California and is usually found at lower elevations. The species does not develop in a shrub-like pattern, unlike other species of Gooseberry, rather it grows in tall formations, which eventually arch and upon touching the ground the upper ends take root and will eventually form a thicket. The species is endowed with thorns along its branches, which form in clusters of three. The speciesí thorns have been known to cause allergic reactions for those with moderate to severe allergies. The species grows best in moist, open areas with plenty of sun, however it is somewhat shade and drought tolerant. The medium-sized green lobed leaves form in the spring and sprout bell-shaped flowers which can range in color from green to blue to a reddish-purple. In the fall, dark purple edible berries form in clusters.

Site Conditions: The Black Gooseberry can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. It prefers moist soils and can tolerate wet soil, but generally not standing water areas. It is known to be drought tolerant, once established. It prefers full sun exposure, however it is tolerant of partial shade conditions.

Stock: This species is in stock and available for pickup at our Arlington, WA location or available for delivery

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