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Species: Beaked Hazelnut

Scientific Name: Corylus Comuta

Classification: Deciduous Shrubs



Description: The Beaked Hazelnut, also commonly referred to as the California Hazelnut, is a smaller sized shrub, generally reaching heights of 15-20 feet or less. It is native to most parts of Canada, including all the Canadian provinces as well as Alaska and Yukon and also most parts of the Western, Northern and Eastern United States. It generally grows with a straight trunk, with ascending branches, light brown in color and medium green colored leaves, mostly oval-shaped that alternate along the branch. Males and female flowers both present on the same plant, appearing in the fall, with the female flowers budding in the summer into an edible acorn, which is encased in a hunk with a unique goose-neck like appearance. In the wild, the species is common to areas of open woods as well as forest borders, roadsides, slopes and disturbed areas such as clearcuts and well drained stream and river banks.

Site Conditions: The Beaked Hazelnut is tolerant to a range of soil types. It prefers moist soil, that is well drained, but also is tolerant of slightly drier soils. It prefers full sun exposure, but tolerant of partial sun conditions.

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