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About Banksavers restoration services
Banksavers has been providing salmon and riparian habitat restoration services in the local Western Washington area watersheds since 2001. We specialize in installing riparian buffers, wildlife hedgerows, site mitigations, shelterbelts, phytoremediation and more. We have installed hundreds of thousands of plants throughout the Stillaguamish River watershed and surrounding areas as well as having an extensive involvement in the repair of sensitive habitats in the area.

In cases involving erosion, we utilize species with strong root structures capable of reinforcing embankments from erosion.

Salmon habitat restoration services
Banksavers has many years of experience in providing salmon habitat restoration services in the Western Washington area. This includes cases where rivers, streams and other bodies of water critical to salmon migration are impeded or damaged by natural causes, such as floods or erosion, as well as man-made causes such as industrial damage or vehicle intrusions in sensitive areas. In such cases, we generally focus on installing root heavy native species that will help solidify embankments as well as repairing, reinforcing and re-grading embankments to provide superior resistance to natural erosion.

Our local services are primarily focused on the Skagit and Snohomish County watersheds, however we also offer our services state-wide.

Salmon habitat consulting services
We offer consultation services to other native tribes involved in salmon habitat restoration services, as well as individuals and organizations state-wide.

We assist such organizations in establishing restoration services in their local areas as well as provide consulting assistance in helping to successfully maintain existing services.

Riparian area mitigation and restoration
Banksavers provides a complete line of riparian and wetland mitigation, rehabilitation and restoration services. In many cases, these include work involved in commercial or industrial projects, such as road construction, housing projects and other commercial projects where native wetlands are involved.

Washington State has strict wetland legislation and we can assist in ensuring that all laws are satisfied in cases where wetland areas require relocation, redeveloped or rehabilitated. As required, these services include hog fuel installation, clearing, grubbing and removal of undesirable species including herbicide application, field mowing and maintenance, soil amendment, installation of wood chip mulch, installation of erosion control measures, installation of log jams to preserve wetland integrity as well as planting and maintenance of plants, trees, live stakes and bare roots.

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