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The Problem...

Erosion related issues are a major problem in the Pacific Northwest. Between heavy rainfalls, flooding, properties bordering wetlands, rivers and oceans, millions of dollars in property damage occurs every year. In many cases, preventative maintenance is an ideal way of minimizing or greatly reducing the chances that your property will be subject to erosion, including mudslides, sinkholes, enbankment instability or wetland encroachment.

The Solution...

Banksavers utilizes the years of combined experience in restoring wetland areas and salmon habitats. Many of these same techniques also apply to erosion prevention. Many of the native plant species in our nursery are specifically suited to stabilizing embankments, as well as properties subject to seasonal flooding, or encroachment of wetland areas.

Effective erosion control involves a multitude of approaches that are often combined depending on the circumstance and severity of the situation. In most cases, preventative measures can be the most cost effective approach.

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